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Breaking Dawn!

I got my copy of Breaking Dawn Friday night, in the most painless midnight book release ever! I waited until almost midnight to leave my house, hoping that the line would already be moving. Got to Barnes and Noble at 12 on the dot, went to information, got my wristband, went to line "c", texted Diane Beatin' for the entire 10 minutes I was in line (she was at borders) and walked out the door at 12:11am!
I do have to say though, I was probably the oldest person there, who was not a mom! Oh well!
Got my book, finished it Saturday night!

4 Responses to “Breaking Dawn!”

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  2. I had to wait until SUNDAY to get my book. It was excruciating. But I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Speaking of books... I ordered yours and it will be here by Friday the 8th! Woo HOO!

  3. I think I was the oldest one at mine that wasn't there with a child too. Those pre-teen/teen girls were just as scary as they were when I was that age.

  4. I was in Dallas and had almost the exact same experience. I felt a little out of place being a little older and not having a teenage kid of my own. LOVED the book BTW!

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