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The book is here, the gloves are photographed...

Holy crap! Pictures!!!! I finally remembered to drag all of the elements needed for uploading pictures onto my computer today. The hat is a modified version of Headline News from Stitch and Bitch Nation. I just left out the cables because I was feeling lazy. And it's not like you would be able to see cables with this nutty yarn anyway!

I do really, really love this yarn. It combines my three favorite colors, pink, black, and blue.

Speaking of pretty yarn colors... I ended up on etsy the a few weeks back. I think I need a 12 step for yarn shopping.
Anyway, THIS USER will be the death of my wallet. Every time I go to her shop I just keep going.. "ooohhh pretty" and clicking 'add to cart'. It's a sickness I tell you.
But look at the yarn I bought!!!

Do you see my problem here? Imagine the pretty socks that will be made with that! Though of course, I have trouble finding any project that I can deem worthy of that yarn. I just want to frame it, or eat it, or something!

Speaking of eating it...

This mushroom grew in our backyard. I almost feel like I need to rate this picture, NSFW.
Dan says it looks like the thing that Boba Fet fell in during Star Wars. Which proves that my hubby is a true gamer/sci-fi geek. Because that is not at all what I see when I look at this picture.

Our backyard has been freaking weird lately anyway. Look at this bee/wasp thing.
That's not normal right? Should a bee be green/blue/purple and shiny?
Check out the stinger action:


I finally got a picture of the fingerless gloves. The pattern is called Raging Fingerless Gloves, and I got it off of Ravelry.
Haven't bothered to weave in the ends yet. I am the worst at the finishing work.

Now finally.. the big news! Guess what arrived via UPS the other day???

Eeek! It's so weird to see the finished book in my hands! I started this thing halfway through our very first season, and now we're rapidly approaching our third!
It looks so good! I'm really excited. The pictures/colors just POP! Much more than they did in the proofs that I saw. All the girls look great, and it really did come across the way that I wanted it too. It's a little bit of a knitting book with derby facts, and a derby fact book with knitting patterns.
We're signing three copies to be given away at RollerCon to benefit Tequila Mockingbird. I'm really hoping to do some other things with the book to help that girl out. I mentioned her website and the severity of her injury. I know every roller girl that hears her story thinks, "there but for the grace of God go I". Such a crazy, random accident on the track, that could so easily happen to any of us.

Alright, I'm off. Trying to find unisex baby patterns for my friend Kristin, since I have no idea what she's having yet. Girl, boy, alien... Though her hubby seems to think that the ultrasound makes it look like a manatee.

She would have some explaining to do if that were the case. And the booties would never fit.

4 Responses to “The book is here, the gloves are photographed...”

  1. Yeah, definitely not a Boba Fett death trap.

    AND that insect is an alien cleverly disguised as something semi-earthly. Clearly.

  2. WOO HOO on the book arriving! :D How exciting is that?!

    Boba Fett? Wow. Just. Wow. Hard to believe that a MALE of the species looked at that mushroom & thought of Star Wars!!

    ::ponders the continuation of the species::

  3. Yeah, uh, if it's ok... I sooo did not see the Sarlak Pit. Though I did think about eating...

    Any way!!!

    Got my advanced reader copy today. Lucky me, married to the Aquisition Editor!

    Really cool book, by the by. Extremely cool.

    Can't wait for next season!

  4. Congratulations again on your book! I can't wait to get my copy at your book signing!!!! I haven't forgotten that you promised me those bad ass fingerless gloves! ;-)

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