I have been BEGGING, BUGGING, and PLEADING every store within 30 minutes of us for a wii fit for months now. It was the whole reason I bought the stupid wii! Now, I don't think I was a sucky customer about it, since I would always ask nicely if they had any, say thank you, etc, appologize for the fact that they were probably getting eleventybillion requests for the stupid things (I kind of hate Nintendo), but I still hated asking, knowing that they were sick of it, I was sick of looking, etc.
I had even signed up for wii fit alerts that set off my email, and alarm on my computer, and a text message when one went for sale on line. I tried about a 100 times with that, but by the time I got it in my cart, and tried to check out, they were always gone!
Finally, our friend Steve, who is the master of the sweet talk, got an employee at Target to admit that they had Wii Fits in the back, but couldn't sell them until June 29th, because they were going to be in the ad that day. This was about 3 weeks ago.
So my husband, and our good friend Will, camped out in the Target parking lot. Will starting at 1am, Dan starting at 3:30 am. This after a day of HARD work catering, then working until close at the shop. They were second in line, got one wii fit each (out of the 13 that could be had) and after we got off work Sunday we played Wii Fit all evening! (Well, I played Wii Fit, Dan passed out on the couch from exhaustion).
I finally, FINALLY have a stupid Wii Fit, and I love it! I hula hooped, ran, skied, did step areobics, yoga, hit soccer balls with my head, boxed, it was great! (Even if my Mii did get fatter after my BMI test... grrr)
Then Dan wakes up and logs on... and beats every high score I had spent the last two hours setting! Gah!
Hope to get some play time tonight, but he found a cruiser bike for himself, so we might go riding instead!

I went and got a new bike yesterday! It's PIIINNNKKKK!!!!

It's a 7-speed cruiser, the seat is pink and white, it has super cute fenders on it... I'm in love!

Dan even took it for a spin!

I realized one thing about not being on a bike since 2000 though... I forgot how to ride! My first few minutes on it were VERY wobbly, but I got the hang of it after a couple laps around the block. Thought our driveway (hill) was still giving me issues by the time I quit riding. And I am too scared to attempt to bike down the hill!

I'm looking forward to riding though, and I'm hoping that Dan will find a bike that he likes soon so we can ride together. I'm hoping that we'll be able to bike to work on the weekends and save a teeny bit of gas $$!

Not really, but... the first week of June I was sort of bummed. Another birthday, another year older, etc. etc.
I'm not a big birthday fan when it's for me at the best of times. But I just kept thinking, 27, still no babies, even closer to 30, blah blah pity party blah blah. All month it's been in the back of my mind. Then my darling friend Rusty, at my friend Brad's birthday party pointed out,
"You didn't turn 27 on your birthday, you turned 28 right"?

Oh frack. Yep. I spent weeks lamenting the fact that I was 27... but I was really 28.


*And yes to my already 30+ year old friends, I know I need to quit my bitchin. It's not the AGE that was bothering me, it's the fact that I'm closer to 30 with no kiddies, and I wanted to have them by the time I am 30. Make sense?

So I am a BIG fan of Southwest Trading Company. I love knitting with their yarn, I love the colors, and I love the fact that they seem to use a lot of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and soy.
I've been really excited about trying out the Tofutsies yarn. Pretty colors, and come on, it's sock yarn! I love sock yarn. Even before I liked knitting socks I liked sock yarn. It's a weird thing.
Anyway, a discussion on Ravelry led me to the realization that Tofutsies actually uses shrimp and crab shells. Now, I have been a vegetarian since 1992/93. I don't tend to wear leather, but I will if it's used, or necessary. ie, there is not a good vegetarian substitute. For example, my skates. I don't LIKE the fact that they're leather, but I just could not find a vinyl alternative that would make me comfortable in the derby world. I know that other girls have, I just couldn't. Also when it comes to horses. They do not make good "pleather" saddles. It is another thing that just does not happen. However, when I have purchased saddles, I've purchased them used. Starkey the mini horse has a mini saddle that has been around since the early 1950's. A good saddle can last a hell of a long time if treated properly. Do I feel twinges of guilt about it? Sometimes. I like cows. I think they are sweet, cuddly, and have really cute faces. I don't like it when they die. Which is why I don't eat them, will always and forever lobby for cruelty free resources for goods, but when those cruelty free resources are unavailable, then I take what is available. Besides, I at least feel, in the case of my used leather goods, that I did not help contribute to the leather industry. Our house is a vegetarian safe home. Dan eats meat, but we have separate pans for it. You can not, in our house, use a "veggie safe" spatula to flip a burger. Once it has touched meat, it is not veggie safe anymore. You also can't say, at thanksgiving, use a spoon in gravy, or a fork on turkey, then try to use it in the veggie serving dish. once it touches, that dish is no longer veggie safe. I do know that when I go out to eat, those places aren't careful about that stuff. I just do what I can at home, and in my coffee shop, when we serve food, it's done veggie safe. (glove changes between veggies and meat, etc)
Now, that being said, my knee jerk reaction to Tofutsies yarn was, "oh hell no! I won't use that!" Which is okay. Because like I said, I LOVE so much of the other, cruelty free yarn that SWTC carries. But, after reading further on the discussion, with some input from one of the owners of SWTC himself, I realized that the shrimp and crab shells, called chitlin, were used in the yarn as a natural substitute to nylon. Not only that, these crab and shrimp shells were not harvested for the yarn, rather, they are the waste from crabs and shrimp used for food. Essentially, they are garbage. So this Tofutsies yarn is actually keeping the shells from going to waste. I am no expert, but a few claimed on Ravelry that the shells, left on their own, are actually bad for the earth. I don't know if that is actual fact, but I could consider that a good thing.
I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable vegetarian. I don't eat meat when I know it's there. No gelatin, fish, etc. I am not a fan of PETA, simply because I don't like some of their marketing tactics. (women in lettuce bikinis, naked women in cages... funny how they never seem to feature a lot of marketing campaigns with naked men.) Also, I can not forget reading a piece of PETA literature aimed towards children, talking about how wool was cruel to sheep, and that sheep were slaughtered once they had been shaved. Um what? I grew up around sheep, pigs, and cows. There is no way anyone I knew wouldn't keep their sheep happy for as long as humanly possible to keep producing wool! I mean, you don't raze your field after one year of corn do you? I respect those that don't want to wear wool, or use animal products in any way. Just personally, I believe that sheep and alpaca producing beautiful wool and not being simply used for meat is a good thing.
Okay, I went of on a tangent there. What I'm basically trying to say is, I am not sure how I feel now about Tofutsies. I think the yarn is beautiful. But I don't want to see shrimp and crabs eaten and killed. But I do want to see us moving towards natural methods of producing fibers, so moving away from nylon is pretty rockin to me. (Though I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, since I will go through probably 50 pairs of derby nylon tights every year, and not feel the least bit bad about it) I also like that it's basically trash, being used to make yarn. That is kind of cool.
This is one I'm going to have to think on for a while.

I went onto the Knit Picks website today to look around. I have spent so much time on there recently, that the husband is considering using parental blockers to block me from the website. (or at least the ordering page) Though he's now starting to take an interest in yarn dying, so I ordered some bare yarn for him to play with a few days ago. Maybe he will then be an enabler.

Anyway, I took a glance at their upcoming releases page for books, and saw THIS!
Um. Whoa. And wow. That's pretty freaking cool huh? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since I used their yarn in at least two projects that I can think of off the top of my head. Including my favorite item, the "You're a Star Tool Bag". I was SO happy when I got that sample back! I hated mailing it away!
It just made me squeal to see my book on one of my favorite ordering sites!

And it hasn't even been a week!

Some people were pointing out some old video on the Naptown site. Thought I would share. This is from our first game of this last (our second) season:

And, from our first season:

The header has nothing to really do with this post. Just the title of an awesome song by a band called Fair Verona. One of the best bands that you have probably never, ever, heard of.


So for more detail on bout day. I can't say anything without saying how AWESOME it was that my friend Candice flew in from her new home of Washington DC at the last minute to surprise everyone! She is good luck, and I knew that we would win when I saw her!
I got another happy surprise on bout day. My publisher, Wiley had made tee shirts for my books upcoming release. I knew they were overnighting them to me, but considering how early in the day I had to leave Saturday, I had little hope that they would actually arrive on time. So it was a treat, and bit weird, to open a big box at 11am Saturday morning and see this:
(fyi, click on any picture on my blog to enlarge)
That is my face on a shirt people! How weird is that???

We won the bout, which was just a great way to end the season. The Dixie Derby Girls were hard hitting and fast, but we took the lead early, and while we struggled a bit in the second period, we solidly tied it up in the third. They were fun though, and we had a great time with them at the after party.
Speaking of the after party, all the girls on the team got shirts, as well as fans who had caught some that the announcers tossed out. So everyone, myself included, had my face on their boobs!

That is Jen X, Kittiara, and Fin Addict.

That is me, kissing myself, on Diane Beatin's boob. Weird huh?

Bunch of roller girls dancing. As much as you can call, drunk, stiff, and sore movement on the dance floor, "dancing".

So the next day I woke up and my knee was just whacked. It was horrible, horrible, horrible. I managed to get a picture of what it looked like by Monday, after a lot of the swelling had gone down.
Now I know that in the pic, it just looks like a knobby knee. But see the big protruding bump? That is actually the tendon thingy BELOW my knee cap. Um. Ow. And that is after the majority of the swelling went down. It freaking hurts. And I am a whiney baby about it too. It starts out fine in the morning, just stiff, but after working 5a-9p... it's just done.
Hopefully a few weeks off of derby and it'll sort itself out!

In super happy news... look what Beth sent me!
Crochet hooks and dpn's to replace my stolen ones! Thanks Beth! Now send me your damn addy so I can repay you in coffee and tea!

We survived all the flooding out here, though a bunch of our customers and friends suffered a lot of losses. We're trying to narrow down a date for some kind of benefit to help out. So far we've just been handing out some freebie lattes and coffee to people working on drywall and such. It's so sad. I know we didn't get the flooding that Iowa and WI got, but seriously, it was pretty freaky out here. Everything around the coffee shop got wet, but we managed to stay dry. We were very, very lucky.

And now, to finish off my post. Dogs fighting.

Sure, you think it's cute now. But imagine the typical growling and snarling of playing dogs. Now add in monkey noises. Because small dogs make monkey noises when they fight. Now imagine that going on all. night. long.

And you wonder why I get no sleep?

Oh, and quick side note, I just found out that I'm going to be interviewed by www.knitpicks.com for a podcast, and I'm going to have a Knock Down Knits book signing at Barnes and Noble in Carmel Indiana. Ack! So crazy!

With more to follow, along with all my pictures later, I promise.

But in short:

Got up.
Met girls for pre-bout lunch.
Went to fairgrounds.
Pulled muscle in my side.. BAD. Gah.
Played bout. Kicked ass. Could only block and not jam due to my super craptastic knee.
We won. Whistle blew, girls fell down, opposing team appeared to take a kick at my girl Sweet C's face. Fists began to flail. Half the bench, (myself included, since I am a sucker for a good fight) lept up and ran onto the track fists clenched.
Refs and coaches very quickly stepped between us and them, and averted end of season disaster.
Went to afterparty, drank, danced with opposing team, and all was well. Ahhh, derby.

Woke up and hurt. Bad.
Looked at knee. Hmmm. Appeared that I was attempting to smuggle very large egg under the skin of my knee, next to and a little below my knee cap. Um ow.
Woke up today, and it appears that I am merely trying to smuggle a golf ball under skin. Much improvement. Took pictures, once again will post later.

Cast on for some knucks. Am determined to finish Christmas gifts for entire team this year. So I'm starting now...

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