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A customer suck...

OLC=Older lady customer
Me= self explanatory

OLC: Oh honey... what happened to you?
Me: (thinking, really? All this fuss over a little bruise on my arm from the bout?) Uh.. what this? *points to little bruise*
OLC: No, your face sweetie... what happened to your mouth
Me: *wiping mouth thinking ohshitlattemustachegonebad
OLC: That horrible, horrible scar on your face! What happened?
Me: *Comprehension dawns. She's talking about the "car wreck scar" The one I'm really sensitive about and have been so happy that no one even notices it anymore scar* Oh, um, nothing. That's a really, really old scar.
OLC: Oh. Well no need worry about it, you're very pretty.
Me: *thinking, shove it.

One Response to “A customer suck...”

  1. Oh, you have to be kidding me. Did Dan write a song about her? Offering to give her a scar of her very own perhaps? Can the lyric "your quarters are greasy" be put into this one too?

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