That's right. Some asshole broke into my car tonight during practice and stole my knitting bag!

They got:
All of my tip money. All of it. I live off of that money so that really freaking sucks. I had just been stuffing it into my bag and totally forgot about it.
A brand new coffee Cambro that we need for a catering gig on Saturday. Brand new. As in, I bought it on my way to practice. Special order. Google them. They are not cheap.
My digital camera. That one hurts. That hurts really bad. I loved that camera so much.
My knitting bag. It was a big nice VS bag that I got a couple years ago. I liked it because it zipped.
Charmed Knits
Knitting Circles around Socks
3 pencil cases with all of my double pointed needles and notions in them. Including ones that my gram gave me. That hurts in my gut.
2 cases filled with crochet hooks. One my mom gave me with every size crochet hook on the planet. That also hits right in the gut.
A couple sets of circular needles from.. you guessed it. Grandma. I was sobbing when I realized all that stuff was in there.
An almost complete Sheldon.
Socks that I was doing 2 at a time.
Self patterning sock yarn.
Jawoll sock yarn in Harry Potter colors.
Several sets of knitting needles.
An almost finished dolphin I was making for a girl on our team named Fin Addict.
2 baby blankets I was working on for our friend Bill, who just had a preemie born baby that is in the hospital.
A couple of hats for said baby.
A bag of my make up. Girls are aware how this is a blow. It was Medusas make up and some MAC. That shit ain't cheap.
This whole thing makes me so sick. I can not afford to replace this stuff, and you just know that they're going to throw all of that knitting stuff away. It means so much to me, and nothing to them.

And yes, I know I shouldn't have left it in there. I forgot that the money and camera where in there. My thought was, who the hell would mess with my knitting. And the doors were locked, the windows up, and it was daylight.

God. This. Just. Sucks.

It's been freaking busy around here!
We've been catering out the wahzoo! Argh! i love it, because it means we're making money and the shop is busy, but it does throw a wrench in the old sleep schedule!

On my needles right now:
Baby blanket for Bill's baby
Crochet Dolphin for a fellow skater
Sheldon the Turtle
And some socks on 2 circular needles!

I just cast on the socks last night. I'm running into tangles a lot, which I think is because my circulars spent about 15 years wound up and in a bag. I should have boiled them to straighten them out a bit before knitting with them. The further I get in the cuff though, the easier it seems to be getting. The technique is a little tricky to get started, but so far it seems to be going well. I'm hoping this will work out for me, because I am the worst at knitting the second sock. And when I do actually make a second sock, it's never the same size as the first!

Sheldon is close to being done. I'm on his legs right now.

Oh and for fun, here is a picture of Sassy and Ernie. Ernie is perfect as always. Sassy Burrito almost died by snarfing down a treat that was too big for her, and lodged in her throat. She is a dumbass dog.

OLC=Older lady customer
Me= self explanatory

OLC: Oh honey... what happened to you?
Me: (thinking, really? All this fuss over a little bruise on my arm from the bout?) Uh.. what this? *points to little bruise*
OLC: No, your face sweetie... what happened to your mouth
Me: *wiping mouth thinking ohshitlattemustachegonebad
OLC: That horrible, horrible scar on your face! What happened?
Me: *Comprehension dawns. She's talking about the "car wreck scar" The one I'm really sensitive about and have been so happy that no one even notices it anymore scar* Oh, um, nothing. That's a really, really old scar.
OLC: Oh. Well no need worry about it, you're very pretty.
Me: *thinking, shove it.

Since I'm too lazy to actually pull my knitting and crochet pics off my camera, here's a filler post.

I've been addicted to reading customers suck
(thanks Callie) and it reminded me of a witnessed suck/sweet revenge.

I'm in high school and hanging out with some friends at a Perkins on the North Side of town. Now, we were mildly annoying high school kids, but not the worst of the worst. We were loud, and we would sit for hours with nothing on our tab but coffee and muffins, be we would at least tip. Good tips too. If we spent $5, and the waitress was nice, we would each chip in at least $5 for a tip. So the waitresses liked us and gave us quick refills and bowls of whipped cream. (for the stoner kid)
Anyway, our favorite waitress was on duty one late afternoon, and she just looked wrecked. She mentioned that 2 people had called in, so she had been on shift since early morning, her kid had the flu, she had been covering almost the entire area, blah blah blah. This other group of kids came, and sat at a booth across from us. We saw them pull up, in a freaking brand new Volvo. Nice clothes, and they were totally ragging on us with our pink hair, blue lipstick (ugh, it was a phase, what can I say?) and fishnets.
We noticed they looked kind of "shifty". The waitress gave them their bill, and as soon as she was on the other side of the room, the asshats took off without paying. The waitress went chasing after them as soon as she realized, but they were gone. Her chin starts wobbling as she whines to the hostess that she's going to have to cover their tab. Then all of a sudden, her eyebrows go up, and she stalks over to the booth. Right there on the seat, was a wallet! Heh heh! Little rich dumbass had forgotten his wallet in his hurry to skip out on the bill! There was at least $150 in $10's and $20's in there, along with his drivers license, school id, and a card with emergency contacts. Including his home and dad's work.
She hopped right on the phone. First to the cops, then to daddy.

So there is my story to entertain you while I ignore my full memory card.

So as you know, my husband, about 6 mos. ago, somehow talked me into a Taco Bell dog. Her name is Sassy Burrito, and she's an idiot.

I can hear you now.. "awww but she's sooo cuttteee"!!!
Don't let the dumb dog fool you. That's how she ended up in our house. With her stupid, "i'm gonna curl up and go to sleep in your coat pocket mmmkay?" crap that she pulled.

Speaking of crap.. let's play, what can the dog eat today!

Saturday it was yarn. She had fun pooping that out.
Today I found a complete coke tab in her poop. That's right. A complete, whole, Coke tab. Am I sure it was digested and ahem, processed? Not just something she pooped on? Believe me. I am sure. She ate it, and pooped it.

And just for fun, she somehow managed to eat half a bag of unpopped popcorn. Despite the fact that Dill and I have not had popcorn in several months. I don't know how she escaped the baby gate, got into the pantry, and got the bag back into the gated area without us knowing about it. It's just going to be fun poop tomorrow.

I wonder if it will pop???

EDIT: So we learned how she escapes the baby gate while we are gone. She either climbs it, or, she slithers behind the couch, which deposits her beyond the gate boarders and roams the house. Still does not explain how she opened the pantry door, got her popcorn, shut the door, and got it back into the gated room.
Also, as Dan would like to point out, we don't drink sodas out of the can. We are a cheap 2-liter family. So where the hell did she get the pop tab???

I'm not knitting right now. I'm crocheting. Our friend Bill had his baby, 2 mos early! So I'm crocheting preemie hats and a baby blanket like a madwoman! Thank goodness for the Ravelry pattern finder!

Almost finished a sock.

Muscles hurt from super intense we never want to lose another bout again roller derby practice.

My knee hurts.


Trying to hire people. Application process sucks arse.

That is all.

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