I just... I can't stop. All day I wanna be in the air! I don't even mind the INSANE bruising!

Fancy photos by Chris Rall, bruise photo by me.

This spine bruise was just a few hours after being on the lyra. The next day it stretched up about 4 or 5 inches. And the backs of my knees were black and blue as well. It's such a pretty, painful art!

Geek Knits is getting closer and closer to being a real, physical book that I can hold in my hands! I've started a facebook page which is not only going to be for posting about the book, behind the scenes pics and signings, but also some fun knitting tips and goofy ramblings.

Please follow along if you're on the book of face!


Recently I started trying out Lyra, or Aerial Hoop. It's SO painful but so much fun! I feel "dancier" (shut up, it's a word) on lyra. Even as the steel ring of pain is bruising my shins, toes, thighs, knees and um, other places.

Like silks, lyra looks graceful and pretty when done well, but the person doing it is seriously clenching abs, tightening muscles, and straining to hold a position. Yes, even the position that looks relaxed and almost like they're sleeping. There is still a lot of core muscles happening there.

I recommend trying it out if you can! The first class will be nothing but PAIN, but it does get better and the bruises will stop, I promise!

It's time for me to start booking my year for conventions, classes, knit-ins and general yarn shenanigans! For Knits for Nerds I did a lot of conventions and bookstores, which was awesome and I plan on doing that for Geek Knits as well. But I was also thinking that it would be fun to hit some yarn shops! If you want me in your area, you can always email me at joanofdark at joanofdark.com. Fair warning that much as I would love to visit you in Costa Rica or Alaska, I tend to travel on a budget, which leads me to a lot less exotic and a lot more midwest.

I'm excited for Geek Knits to finally arrive and to meet some more awesome geeks and knitters!


Do you write patterns? Do you feel bad about giving your Tech Editor stress twitches when she sees your patterns?

I'm on my third book and I've worked with a lot of tech editors over the years. The vast majority of them are wonderful. A couple not so much. (I had one that would only edit by fax. FAX!!!) Out of all of them, Kate Atherly is solidly in the top three. So when she announced that she has just released a book about pattern writing, I fired up my paypal account without a second thought.

Pattern Writing for Knit Designers

I've just done a brief skim and as soon as I turn in my latest edits to my publisher I plan on diving into this sucker fully. I can already tell that it's going to be a great guide for my future designs and I'm going to encourage any designer I work with in the future to pick up a copy.

So thanks Kate for sharing what you know!

As part of my somewhat obsessive, "it's Doctor Who therefore I must knit it" kick I've been on, I bring you, the 12th Doctor's Scarf!

When it was first announced that Peter Capaldi would be the new Doctor, I of course hit the google image search hard and heavy. I came across this image and knew that I absolutely had to knit this scarf (and offer up a pattern)!

After lots of zooming I decided it looked like a 1x1 rib and was probably folded over to create that thickness. Since I am the Queen of avoiding seaming, I knew that if I knit this sucker flat and was faced with the prospect of seaming 6 ft of scarf, well, I would never have a scarf. (Minions. I need minions who like to seam. Or elves.)

After a couple months of picking this sucker up and putting it down again, it's finally complete! Fair warning, this 1x1 rib with colors changing each row... it's kind of a pain. The "aha" moment for me was when I got smart and put the three different balls of yarn into three plastic sandwich bags. It made it much easier to untangle every few rows. Really wish I had thought of that when I started!

The finished scarf:

Dill has declared that this is "his". I am conceding, considering how much he puts up with the knitting that goes on in this house. (and the deadlines and the tears and the OMG I HAVE TO FROG THREE FEET OF LACE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! rants)

I may have to steal it back occasionally however. This sucker is WARM and soft. I love it!

Marc Lebryk provided this detail shot for me. It shows the colors with a little more vibrancy than my poor camera phone on a cloudy day pics!

I'll have the pattern up tomorrow. I just need to measure and write it up. I'm sure this scarf won't be as iconic as the classic Doctor Who Scarf but I think a fan or two might recognize it, especially if it appears in an episode this season and not just a promo picture. (Confession, I'm an episode behind right now, so it may have already happened).

Until tomorrow!

Because my neighbors don't think I'm weird enough.

I'm really excited about this. I love silks, but classes can be a bit of a wallet drain and hanging from the tree in the front yard isn't high enough. I haven't tried any drops on this yet but it seems sturdy so far. We're going to set it up for a party we're having this weekend and let (sober) people play on it. Considering half my friends take circus classes with me it should be a good time!

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