It's on the needles! This time I felted the roving before knitting. I feel like I didn't lose too much fluff and the end product should be more durable. 

Roving after felting.

Blanket on the needles in my very messy office! Willie the corgi for scale! 

Hopefully I'll finish up tonight!

This one came out like a dream. It's like a big heavy cloud when I'm snuggled under it!

It got really, really heavy to knit with at the end. I had to take breaks! 

These blankets are definitely more of a showpiece than anything. Sure you can put it on a bed and use it, but I wouldn't drag it around the house and let the dogs and cats pile on it. 

Well... Maybe a little....

I'm going to make a few more for some friends. This time though, I'm going to put a little felt in the roving before knitting in the hopes of making them more durable. 

Loving it on these cold days though! 

I've been seeing these giant roving blankets floating around on the Internet and have really wanted to give it a try myself. Problem is, where does one get such giant knitting needles? 

Luckily, I have a friend named Kyle. Kyle builds things, like this double neck cigar box guitar:

So when Kyle heard me trying to figure out how to get giant knitting needles, he did some thinking. Then he showed up to dinner the next night with these:

I went home and immediately cast on! Which was actually pretty hard to do. Once I got a few rows in though, it was really easy! 

Keeping an even tension is kind of hard. And I did have to knit standing up. BUT overall it's a blast to knit with these! Kyle made them out of pvc, which makes them really light. I'll probably have the blanket done today! 

Thanks Kyle!

My friend Elyse works in publishing and has done many wonderful things for me over the years. Got us backstage for the Paper Towns tour, 

gives me books and books recommendations, and is an all around blast to hang out with.

Since she's a Harry Potter fan, and devoted Hufflepuff, I decided to make her a house sweater for Christmas! 

But... I decided to see if I couldn't make it just a little bit more magical. 

So I included an acceptance letter, dated the year she would have been accepted, with a PS stating that they were attempting to send the letter by american muggle post. (Hope it arrives on time!)

Sealed it:

Sent it: 

And yesterday she got it! 

Hopefully it fits. Making a sweater for someone when they aren't around to size is nerve wracking! 

Edit: it fits!

A new Geek Knits auction is live! This one is the Poison Ivy wrap modeled by the incredibly talented Leah Cevoli. This shoot was so much fun, and Leah was a great model. Incredibly easy to work with and very photogenic!

Less than 24 hours and this wrap is already over $100! Proceeds are going to the Make a Wish foundation so I'm extremely excited to see how this comes out!

Click here to check it out!

I love seeing completed patterns in the wild. And I REALLY love what Kim has done with her "America!" sweater!

Check it out on her Ravelry Project page!

Saturday was the memorial service for my friend Kristin. Her husband Matt, completely honored me by asking me to speak. I struggled for a little bit about what I would say, and I just decided to speak from the heart. Here's a paraphrasing of what I said. (Side note, I ended up cutting out a bunch of stuff because I felt myself on the verge of losing it!)

I went to see Kristin a few days before she passed. And for some reason, a couple of lines from Dylan Thomas were circling around in my head. "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." I couldn't understand why this, of all things, was stuck in my head while I was sitting there with her. Because I didn't want Kristin to go at all, but if she had to go, more than anything I wanted her to go gentle.
I spent a few days upset with myself over those lines being stuck in my head. They continued to pop up every time I thought of her. Then I realized the reason my brain had it on repeat. It was because of the last line. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light". Out of all of my friends, Kristin was the one who had the most light. Those lines weren't there for her, they were in my head because I was the one who wanted to rage, I didn't want to see Kristin's light die.

Then, while searching for comfort, I heard a Thomas Campbell quote (at WFTDA champs ironically). "To live in the hearts of others is not to die". And I thought of all of the people that love Kristin, all the people that are here today or want to be, and I thought, "If to live in the hearts of others is not to die, then holy crap, Kristin is immortal!" Because I know that none of us are truly going to let her light die, and she will live on in our hearts.

But I didn't want to talk about Kristin dying. We all know it's not fair and it was too soon. I want to talk about the Kristin I knew as my friend.

*** And then I basically read bits of this blog.

And I closed with a promise not to let Kristin's light die, and to keep it alive in my heart.

Kristin's memorial was a 50's cocktail theme. Because "Have a costumer party, not a funeral". Which was one of her last ways of giving us all comfort. Because you know what? You forget to be sad when you're trying to decide which vintage hat/dress combo works. You forget to be sad when you're giggling with friends over outfits, or having martinis (extra dirty. Filthy) at the post memorial. So if I could thank Kristin for that, I absolutely would. (and maybe some would say that taking selfies and group pictures at a memorial is tacky. To them I say, "You didn't know K. She would have loved it all.)

Also there may have been an incident with an abandoned shopping cart. I feel like Kristin would have approved.

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